Solo Shows

Flor Cadáver
curated by Ana Cristina Cachola (2024) Galeria Foco

Hiperderme  curated by Sofia Marçal (2022) Museum of Science & Natural History

Chalaza  (2022) Cabanamad

The elephant got in the room and never left (2021) Duplex Air

Le Salon des Aubergines  (2021) Bordalo Pinheiro Museum

(Selected) Group shows

Plants, as far as I know, are stillbending towards the light, Arco Lisboa, opening section with Galeria Foco selected by Chus Martinez and Luiza Teixeira de Freitas, Cordoaria Nacional

Motobody.Zip curated by Eva Slaba (2023) Galeria Foco

Caring is Sharing  curated by Francisco Trepa (2022) Cabana mad

Voo Duplo  (2021) Galeria Diferença

Concreto e Particular curated by Carolina Pelletier Fontes(2021) Casa do Capitão 

I will take the risk (2020) AZAN - Tomaz Hipólito Studio

Let us Flop  (2020) Duplex AIR

Echo As Logic  (2020) CO-Residency

Who’s Watching? (2019)