Echo As Logic  (2020)

Echo As Logic 2020
Mdf, plaster, solar prints
Variable dimentions
video 15 min.

Echo As Logic [2020] is a project centered around two urban habitats chosen by portuguese bats: the Mafra Palace Library (where their insectivorous diet contributes directly to the avoidance of bookworms and thus the deterioration of the archive) and the peninsula of Tróia (where bats dislodged by a famed demolition had to be re-located to a bat-shelter). The bats’ correspondence to each architecture has its own specificities which we tried to render visible through processes of translation: from sound to image, from negative to positive, from flatness to three-dimensionality.

We were interested in exploring sound reverberation as a strategy for locomotion, the potential of inter- species cooperation, bats as cultural agents, the organicity of an archive which can be chewed on and bitten off.

The project which has been more seminal than actually conclusive is currently constituted of a series of solar prints spectrograms of bat chirp frequencies collected on site - in bat studies, it is far easier to tell sounds apart by looking, rather than listening to them - a series of CNC cut MDF where the worm trails from deteriorated books were translated into vectors for the cutting machine, as well as a 13min film.

Echo As Logic is a project created in collaboration with Gabariel Ribeiro with the support of CO-Residency