Imperfect Eggs  (2020)

 Photo: Bruno Lopes

 Photo: Bruno Lopes

 Photo: Bruno Lopes 

Imperfect Eggs 2020
Terracotta, plaster, cuddy toy, acrylic on canvas, bubble wrap
Variable dimentions

At LET US FLOP Duplex Air (2020)

This installation reflects, through the figure of an imperfect egg, on industrialized processes of selection and separation of imperfection from perfection. Forms that are categorized as imperfect are set aside for not meeting the canonical standards of the commercial product. Thus the imaginary surrounding the shape in question, which is marketed as a product despite being a product of nature (i.e. the egg), is developed from the point of view of a canon that is industrially produced and enforced.

The dichotomy between perfection and imperfection is also unfolded trough the various symbolic and popular representations of the figure of the snake, which is often portrayed as a villain but also symbolizes cure in medicine and pharmacy. A wrapped portrait in bubble wrap partially hides the image of the villain from Disney’s The Jungle Book movie, Kaa is presented as a symbol of pop culture and the heavily disseminated archetype of the villainous serpent.

Two designated outsiders, the imperfect egg and Kaa, unfold and relate through semi-industrial processes performed in the artistic process: the reproduction of an iconic image and the repetition of animperfect shape through the mold-making and casting techniques.