It will fly again, together  (2016)

Rock’s don´t, birds do 2015
white marble
118x26x16 cm.
It will fly again, together 2016
Brown marble
Photography 2017
30x40 cm.

At Galeria Municipal de Aljustrel (2018)

Natural Silkworms Cacoons  (2020)

Natural Silkworm Cacoons
Bird nest, Silkworm cacoons, blue debris
Variable dimentions

At Duplex Air first Open studios edition (2020)

Natural Silkworm Cacoons create a tangent between the obsession of a certain species of bird with the color blue and a natural produtc for facial cleansing. Represented by a found nest containing a variety of blue elements, the animal’s obsession is instantly revealed upon close inspection. Threads, fabrics, ropes and pieces of plastic were some of the blue debris. The human obsession is unfolded in a row of silk cocoons that are used for facial exfoliation, the cocoons are filled with deformed, grainy and viscous information of the color that obsesses the animal.

Bird Eating Banana  (2019)

Bird Eating Banana
Video stills  
video 4 mim.
Digital colage
Instagram print Screen; Google Srintscreen
60x80 cm.

At Janus(Pousio online exibhition) curated by Duarte Nuno Amado